The Unseen World

It’s the beginning of the war in Ukraine, and reporters from the western world seem terribly incompetent. Their journalism and intellectual idiocy that’s carelessly flying about is a thing of wonder. Turn on to any media and you hear – “spark a possible World War in Europe”, “a World War is underway”, “we are in the middle of a 3rd World War”, “on the brink of World War III…” Seriously?

When did Europe alone make up the world? And any inflation experienced by other Continents as a result of the war in Europe does not mean they are at war.

I have not seen Uganda taking a deal to send troops to Ukraine, nor have I seen Malawi men captured to go and fight in Europe. Has anyone heard the Dinka are secretly being formed into a 21st century Queen’s African Rifles to be deployed to Ukraine on behalf of NATO? Or maybe Russia is wooing the good old militia in Mozambique under the hammer-and-sickle to fight on their behalf?

Unless and until all the nations that make up the world become engaged in war, there’s no world war. The western media’s ghoulish excitement betrays a macabre character, as if they just can’t wait to set the world on fire. Not a single factor leading to this war justifies it. It is not the answer, and it is mindboggling that a world that boasts of the civilized world’s 21st century advancements can behave worse that cave men.

We in the rest of the world refuse to be a part of this meaningless and unnecessary violence. No western journalist ever dressed Africa’s crises as world wars, because they are not. The so-called “white” world accords Ukraine respect for fighting back, and you deny other peoples the same respect for fighting back. So keep your war. We want none of it.

A word of advise to those who wield the power of story: Stay invested in a transition process for those displaced and dispossessed by war and mad men. Western journalism and intellectuals pretending that Eurocentrism makes up the world is a shameless falsehood and a disappointment to scholarship. A western-civilization centered world is not a thing anymore.

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