Christian Cruelty Against PWDs

I’m here to tell you something, you people who go to crusades of prophets what-not in Kenya. Like the dude with the ungroomed beard who was recently in Nakuru.

Here’s the thing: After they are done with their stage performance of “miracles”, they must return the props back to the disabled owners, with payment to the PWDs for their manipulated participation.

See those wheelchairs, crutches and white canes are NOT stage props. They are mobility aids crucial to the daily functioning of PWDs.

In all crusades, there is no population as abused as persons with disabilities. Those “prophets” don’t give a hoot how the people they parade on stage for miracles got home after the crusade.

They hold their mobility equipment hostage, pile it up on stage like garbage for display. It’s cruel. Do some of the PWDs struggle to get it back after they have used their last ounce of strength on broken and withered limb to prove miraculous mobility? I don’t know. It’s too heartbreaking to think about it.

I saw one young man in that Owuor crusade – blind since birth, his teacher said – manipulated to believe he could see. When asked to walk to the podium with his new sight you could clearly tell he couldn’t see. Heartbreaking. Did he get back his white cane? Did he? This “miracles” business model employs a level of cruelty so insidious you can’t find words for it.

Let’s be clear. These charlatans don’t give a miraculous fart how teh PWDs they use woke up the next day, how they got to work, went to school, or even how they got to the bathroom when they were alone, having been carried back home by a kind stranger. They don’t care. But y’all go on ahead and worship them. To each their idol.

On a good day, these charlatans would be prosecuted because that’s a crime. Here comes the boring stuff. The Kenyan Constitution guarantees PWDs a “right to the accessibility of materials and devices to overcome constraints arising from the person’s disability”.

If anyone takes these aids away to benefit his/her business or for personal gain, they are criminals. Some of us will start suing on behalf of PWDs for the millions you make abusing them at crusade performances. You can prove your miracles in court.

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