Love and Power

We are going to situate this Harry-Meghan tale in history because it’s irresponsible not to do so. Let us remember that Harry is the child of an unrepentant monarchy that has the blood of millions on its hands, from unimaginable evils of slavery through colonization’s plunder, massacres and subjugation. The British monarchy sanctioned it all, and it remains unresolved.

The Oprah interview you saw was a love story that had this sordid history leaking out through the inescapable holes of racism. The fear of a brown child. Not unexpected, but Lord! This ugliness of mind is horrifying. That was the live wire that jogs and shocks the collective memory of an entire black race. Those now living in that palace, they are the very same, going centuries back. There has been no institutional awakening on their part. The darkness of racism in there is profound.

Their queen, don’t be fooled. She can afford to wear the garb of human kindness and get away with murder. I’m sure she could charm any black person with her company at afternoon tea, stiff upper lip and all, and crown you with knighthood for good measure. But I also know she was the same person on that throne when thousands of Kenyans were tortured and lost their lives in British colonization’s concentration camps. They did it in the name of their Queen.

Until the day she speaks out against the sanctioned terrors that happened on her watch and in her name for the 68 years she’s been the head of the Crown, she bears the same responsibility as all the others who have inspired terror, depravity and crimes against humanity. White establishment does not want to hear this truth. If Elizabeth were to arrive in heaven today, that dude who sorts out the sinners for judgement will put her in the same box they put Osama. It takes exceptional leaders with moral authority to resolve history and shift paradigms. She has chosen to stay mum and play the kindly matriarch in her old age while things fall apart around her.

Now look, even her favorite grandchild couldn’t breathe in that castle. Boy married black. Had to run away. And a once-homeless black man called Tyler Perry gave him the refuge and protection that his own powerful family denied him. My beef with those two is that they did not have the guts to rebel and reject the entire institution and its depraved history especially against black persons. They wanted its goodies, and they protected it until it showed them the royal middle finger. Here’s the kicker. In America’s caste system, that couple’s children are Black. That is the box they will always have to check. And if their expected American-born daughter ever chooses to run for US president and wins, she will be a black president.

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